Saturday, May 16, 2015

During our doorknocking adventures Sister Soh saw a sign that said "no religious nutters." We thought that was fairly humorous but that it would be disrespectful to take a picture BUT later that day we popped by our investigator's house. His name is Keith. He is 85 but sharp as anything! In fact, he is doing some online studies right now! But also something that happened recently is that he got diagnosed with cancer. But he is facing the future with as much hope as ever. Anyway, whenever we pop by he gives us chocolate bars hehe but that morning he said he was out of chocolate bars and gave us nuts instead. So it is a photo of two religious nutters. Because who else goes tracting in the rain? We weren't quite nutty enough to actually take the photo in the rain. HAHA but close enough!

I think that hearing someone's very first prayer is one of the most special experiences I've ever had on my mission. They met Anna on trade offs last week and we met at the library for the first time last Saturday. She comes from a church background where prayers are often done "speaking in tongues" which kind of has always made Anna uncomfortable so at the conclusion of the lesson when we invited her to pray she shied away from it. But then we taught her the true doctrine of prayer! And we explained to her how the spirit feels - that something of God will never make you feel uncomfortable but the fruits of the spirit are joy, love, peace, comfort etc. And she gathered her courage and said her first prayer and it was so sweet!! She's such a cutie pie. Her prayer went like this, "Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for being in our lives. In Jesus' name, Amen" but the spirit that was in the room was undeniable. Subtle, but undeniable. Personally I just felt a lift. And when we asked her how she felt, she said she felt refreshed which i thought captured the moment perfectly. And it really is humbling to know that that's basically how the church was restored, because of someone else's first prayer in a grove of trees. Humbly kneeling sweet appealing, twas the boy's first uttered prayer. (#26) First prayers are so wonderful.

The other picture is of me and Sister Rowling! Sister Rowling is remarkable. But what is remarkable isn't just that she's survived cancer (and is making her way through another painful illness of sorts) - what is the most remarkable about her is her absolutely beautiful spirit. She truly is of good cheer. She does what she can. She is perturbed by the thought of death - and I know I just said that in one sentence but it is just so amazing. Like I can say it in one sentence "she isn't scared of death" but to truly not be scared, to truly know .... I feel like so many people go entire lifetimes not understanding this, even when death comes they still don't understand it. I would love for her to be there when I go through my own future experiences and illnesses. I would like to remember her spirit and attitude. And I love her conversion story!! But hers is a little sacred to her and to me. So perhaps another day through another medium. :) 

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