Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015

 Chillin out in the beach with my Preach my Gospel...

Because we have to swim against the current in today's world. it's from this month's Ensign

Last week was really great! We had 3 rescues at church! Which means that somebody who hasn't come to church in a very long time has come and partaken of the ordinance of sacrament and renewed their baptismal covenants. It was so wonderful to see the ward members gather around these lost sheep now found. And they looked so happy to finally be back. Each story is so intricate I couldn't do it justice by describing it. How great is the glory of God, He watches over all of His sheep, and He beckons us to return to His fold. 

I was given the opportunity to share my testimony during the zone activity yesterday. And I want to share it again with all of you.

I know that my redeemer lives. And I know that because He lives, all is not lost. I know that hard times are a necessary part of life - it is so crazy, I've heard that for so much of my life but I really didn't come to a deeper understanding of it until recently. I remember when I visited Hiroshima in high school and I saw the devastation and horror and I asked why, why did this have to happen? The children really got to me. And I see it so often in the mission field. People trying their hardest and going through trials. I saw it in myself. When I've been giving all I've got and still had to face trials that I couldn't control. I asked, why Heavenly Father? Why is this burden so heavy, why is my cup so full?

But I realise now that I could've been praying for different things instead of asking why. We won't know why these things happen in this earthly life a lot of the time. But we can accept with faith that it is for our own good. That our Father in Heaven loves us and is mindful of us. And that although we may not receive immediate relief, we can receive the strength to bear well our trials and to learn the necessary lessons. I know that this is true. 

I know that a loving God allows pain and suffering in this world and that is because He loves us. If you have any questions, see the recent April 2015 Ensign! Some articles in there explain it really well. 

I love you all! Happy Easter! Have a great week!! :) 

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