Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Unfinished Business

Serving in the Christies Beach area will be: Sister Magallanes and Sister Soh 
So, back in Christies Beach! Plot twist of the century. At first I was so shocked but then flashes of memories of Christies ran through my mind and I nodded and I could see that there was still a lot to do here for me personally. And I remembered how much I loved Christies. And I've been really blessed because Sister Soh is really great too! She is from Singapore and she did ballet - she was putting on her shoes or something and I asked her - did you do ballet???? and she did and I was like AHA I KNEW IT because she had really good posture and put on her shoes the way Tiff puts on her shoes which may sound slightly ridiculous but there you go. Anyway, she's much more than someone who used to do ballet. She has a powerful testimony and it is such a privilege to serve with her! Below is a picture. 

With Easter approaching, now, we don't do lent in our church but we do set aside Easter as a special time to worship the Saviour and remember not only his crucifixion but also his resurrection. And the church recently let out this new video about it. 
And I love the music in the piece and I love the personal relevance it helps make Easter and the Saviour has for us. He knocks at the door of our stiff, hardened hearts, just pleading for us to let Him in and heal us. I think just lately I've personally experienced a little more about what it means to be healed and what it means to be humbled and what it means to remember that we are unworthy creatures before God and how we need to call upon Him continually. I want you to know that I know that Jesus Christ rose on the third day, and He really does live today. And He has a living prophet, Thomas S Monson (who we will hear from soon during general conference!!!!!) and a living Church. I remember a quote from President Monson who says that God has always worked through imperfect people. He did so then and He does so now. This upcoming Sunday we'll have a special Easter program - I think this is for all of the Pacific region at least. I urge you to attend with an open heart, with questions in your mind. I know that as you do so, your Easter experience will be revelatory. And I am so excited for it! 

Love you all! Happy Easter! Have a great week!

PS - I missed Bec and Matt's wedding (I KNOW) but I must have known I would always miss it because I never let myself get too enthused about it. That's okay. But congratulations to them nonetheless! It is a wonderful time to be alive. Which sounds kind of ... what's the word.... maybe ridiculous but it is true. We were chosen to live in this time. This era. With these people. Let's go do some good!

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