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March 11 2015

Today is a Wednesday because on Monday all the libraries were closed for Adelaide Cup day! Who knew? And that law that makes all public holidays that fall on a weekend move to Monday was great as a regular person but it happens like every transfer as a missionary and you begin to see why Australian culture is so laid-back…
In any case, we did a few exciting things this week! I made my first pavlova ever (thanks Sister McKellar!) and I went strawberry picking at the Beerenberg farm which was amazing… It took me ages to fill my tray because I kept getting excited by each strawberry I picked… And it is true. Not all of them even quite made it into the tray.

A few things happened this week. We had the opportunity to work with this elderly sister who has a lot of health issues and also suffers from depression and we made her smile and started a puzzle with her! I've always wanted to do a humongous jigsaw puzzle. It took us an hour to do the border. And even though some parts were pretty dodgy hahaha! But watching her was like staring in the mirror and what I've been like the past few weeks. And it scared me. And that, in combination with many other things to be honest, has been the start of a turning point again in my mission! I gotta work on that missionary glow again - and that really only comes from personal faith and righteousness.

This week I wanted to share with you something that Sister J shared with us  - even though we were the ones who were supposed to be giving the message. Maybe there are many people out there who read this and who spend all their time giving that they start to get tired and start to forget these simple truths so key to happiness and strength. Maybe you have even started to forget who you are, I did. I hope that as you read that what stands out to you might not even be my words, maybe the Spirit will be able to teach you something different than what I learned from Sister J. But Sister J said this
(1) She quoted Brigham Young - if you don't feel like praying, get on your knees and stay there until you do. Not wanting to pray is a very dark place.

(2) Second last thing to end your prayers with? If it is wisdom in thee - accept His timing. She prays 'don't let my whinging change your timing. this is just an expression of my heart's desire' and truly, knowing a little about Sister J's life.. she is someone who has waited. And how beautiful was that I thought. And it is funny because even though we feel like we are whinging and tiring Heavenly Father with our endless petitions for help, it is still a commandment to pray, and to ask. I know because for a time all I turned to or opened or flicked to was reprimanding me and telling me to pray more. And this is getting a little sidetracked here but I had this mental image sometime last night in between sleeping and not sleeping of like this protective web around me woven out of the prayers I have said constantly and dutifully. A missionary prays more than a dozen times a day - much more than the morning and evening and food prayers I said at home. And I thought of all the times I have been a careless driver (not purposefully! I'm picking up such bad habits. I realise I drive as much as my neighbour driving instructor does. Dad, I promise to make more of an effort to hold the steering wheel with both hands, but I always keep the speed limit at least) but how we've been protected. And biking. Biking is a dangerous endeavour sometimes - especially in a skirt. And again, protection. And just the little things. And then I thought of all the prayers that the world says for missionaries. My sister told me that my family prays for us when we are gone which surprised me because sometimes I feel so alone. But I think those family prayers add another layer to that protective web. And then there are the prayers by the temple, prayers by friends, prayers by wards everywhere. ANYWAY. I digress. This point was about waiting for the Lord's timing. Sister J also counseled us to be careful for what we wish for, because sometimes the Lord grants it to us. I hope you can understand the meaning behind that. That's why we end our prayers with asking for these things only if it is wisdom in our Heavenly Father. 
(3) discouragement is the last thing Satan throws at you. She said when he throws discouragement to say Ha! Is that all you've got? Then to rejoice and know the end is nigh. She tells this to all departing missionaries. She tells us not to believe the discouragement! Satan knows we have a strong testimony and this is the last thing he throws.

And that's what she said. And it spoke right straight to my soul.
I feel very blessed to be serving as a missionary. And I want to leave you with my testimony. On Feb 28th 2015 I finished reading the Book of Mormon again! And I know that that book is from a loving Heavenly Father who has again reached out in love to His children. And this is our message to all the world. 

Have a great week!
Sister Magallanes

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