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March 23, 2015

The temple is a truly beautiful place. But I don't think beauty is what means the most. There's always a bit of a build up as to when you get to go to the temple on the mission. In our mission, we go once every 6 weeks generally if we are in Adelaide. And because we know when we are going, it gives me personally adequate time to prepare for it. And I think it is because I take that time to prepare that attending the temple is always such a revelatory experience for me. I don't always learn what I expect to learn, but in the temple, the veil of forgetfulness that we passed through on our way to mortality is very thin, and I feel very close to Heavenly Father. And I can taste and see a little bit clearer his vision for me and of me.
In temples families can be sealed together for eternity. Marriage is ordained of God and it can last much longer than "till death do us part" or "as long as you both shall live" or "as long as your love shall last" -> though hopefully for that last one your love would last hahaha. So, Sister Magallanes II (as we refer to her in our family sometimes) wrote a poem about our family before she went and I took a sideways photo of it and I thought it would be good to share her testimony of this great work as well as my own). 

My Family

I'm grateful for My Family
I should show it more, I know
So I've written this poem
To let them know before I go

I love Sister Magallanes
Her humour, dance moves and smile
When I see her I'll hug her so tight
Because it's been a while

I dream of hearing my brother's music
And of watching him play
It will be 3 years when I see him
And I look forward to that day

My little sister I am learning
is a lot more witty than I
Oh, she's cheeky, noisy and smart,
Yet around strangers, she's so shy!

I love my mummy bear,
I will miss her warm embrace
I'll miss her voice, kindness, massages,
I will miss her warm embrace

It makes me sad to leave my Dad
Behind with just one daughter
But I'm thankful for the neverending jokes
And the neverending laughter.

I'm thankful for my family
With all of my tender heart
Their names are engraved in here
So I'll have them when we're a part

My Saviour, you see, has given me
More than I deserve
And because He has blessed me so
It is Him I want to serve.

Eliza Joy Magallanes Nov 2014 
This week our testimony of planning has grown! We learned from Elder Bednar that there are kind of three aspects of faith. 1) assurance 2) action 3) evidence, and that as you gain assurance it leads to action which creates evidence which reinforces your assurance and the cycle of faith goes on and thus your faith grows! So this past few weeks we received an assurance from the Assistants about how to make weekly planning better, we implemented the action and we have seen evidence and reaped the rewards of our efforts! And thus a testimony is born and faith grows. It was my companion who pointed that out to me.
She's always told me that she kind of admires how I always have a game plan. Even when I'm sick I have a game plan on to how to get better. I suppose I didn't realise it either but setting goals and making plans are acts of faith in itself. I really admire Sister Reola's quiet devotion if that makes sense - like her testimony isn't shouted from rooftops or displayed powerfully in public speaking - although she may do quite well at either of those endeavours hahaa! - but it is more fully revealed, to me at least as her companion, in the ways she conducts herself in life. That soft glow or light that comes from personal worthiness and belief in a cause. It is evident in how she reacts in times of crisis - much better than I do I feel sometimes.
So today draws the conclusion of her training in the mission field. And I've also been told that I am moving areas, although I will find out where I will go tomorrow. And I know that Sister Reola is ready to take care of Mt Barker and the people I love here so much.
I'm excited for the change, for what will most likely be my last area in the mission field. I've learned a lot from my 6 months here. If I could share an excerpt from my letter to my mission president:
These experiences over the past few weeks or months have taught me a lot about myself and about what it means that heavenly father loves me and listens to my prayers. It has also taught me about why heavenly father allows bad things happen to good people, why there is evil in the world, how is someone who is going through a hard time feeling..... it has taught me compassion and empathy and more patience with myself for my shortcomings, and thus a little more patience with others. it has also taught me humility, as I know that as for myself, I am nothing, but if God wants me to accomplish something, I can be His mighty instrument. Also if the lesson to be learned is just to endure well, then I have learned for myself that I can do that also.
So, I love you all. Not sure what exactly you can take from this week's entry, but I hope there is something that you learn by the Spirit as you read.
Have a great week!

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