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Monday 15 December 2014

Dear friends

I can't remember (again) the last time I updated my blog but Mt Barker has been turning into Zion in the interim. Did I tell you about last fast and testimony meetings and the very many testimonies which tugged at your heartstrings and helped you feel your own testimony lift? Because that was the calibre of last testimony meeting.

And some highlights from church this Sunday,
'deep and meaningful connections is what heals us'
'if you err in judgement, be sure to err on the side of love and mercy''  - both quotes from RS lesson I thought were beautiful.

Í'm feeling a bit scatter brained today - have you ever felt like your body was so hot but then your head and your headspace like there's this block around your head blocking your ears and the rest of the world and it feels like you have a cold, but it also feels like you are so very hot! And that has been me for the past few days this week but as you do, grin and bear it and go on and so on I go with the blog entry.

Thank you Hewie and Cindy for sending me our little mascot for our Christmas tree! 'They sent me a lion because lion's are courageous and so I named him Moroni because Moroni was a grand example of courage and fighting for what is right and I think we could all use a little of that in our day to day life. So Moroni the Lion adorns the top of our Christmas tree in lieu of a star or angel.

I also baked a pie! Which was fun. My companion and I enjoyed it.

We also had our ward Christmas party which Bec attended! I don't think I've told you about Bec yet. Bec is an amazing individual. She can cook up a storm, and if anybody's food could cure cancer, I'd line up for hers. Right now, she is preparing for baptism in March and aiming to read the Book of Mormon before then. I love her because I love her I can talk to her, and she can relate to my life experiences ( we are both avid readers) and just kind of on the same wavelength. And Matt is awesome too! It is so funny because my previous companion who served in this area told me about them but I never thought I'd ever meet them, but here we are. And I talked to my previous companion maybe a month ago and told her about Bec and she said, '' I knew you would be good for Bec!"" as she does. Sometimes you meet people on the mission and you invest so much of yourself in them and you watch them grow and increase in spiritual confidence and spiritual knowledge and they just have your entire heart.
So I really love Mt Barker ward.

One more thought tangent. I realised this week part of the reason why perhaps I had to go through one part of my mission at least with so much suffering. The kind where you spend your moments on your knees and  you pray for comfort, for release, for healing, for motivation, for energy, for everything and you get off your knees and cry yourself to sleep because the feeling hasn't lifted... and then you do that for almost two months. It is tough. But I think I know at least part of the reason why I had to go through that. Because when our investigator opened up, and is crying in front of you and pouring out their life story and how they don't feel like their prayers are being answered, they don't feel like they are receiving help, they do not feel loved or listened to and they know God is there but why isn't he helping when they need him the most? When they did that, I remembered my past experiences and well, you know, you cry with them. But then you tell them, and you tell them because you know that God hears and answers prayers. You tell them about the time you got up off your knees and felt the same weight in your heart and didn't realise that perhaps it was his blessing that even enabled you to stand. You tell them of beter days ahead and of a God who can see more than we ever could. And you tell them that you love them, but even your love (and this is why a missionary constantly has a broken heart and a contrite spirit. because some people throw your hearts right back into your face) is not comparable to the love Heavenly Father has for them.
And like I can tell you these things, but like Nephi says, it means more in person - which is strange for me because my medium has always been words. But now I know. You need to speak from the heart, and maybe sometimes we suffer so that one day we can be better teachers, better nurturers, better mothers someday. So you can look at a tearstained face and recognise it as your own and understand and love and begin the healing process.

Anyway, I love being a missionary. It is the best thing I have ever done. It truly is living after the manner of happiness. Nothing compares. And nothing means more to me - even though I used to think that all you need is love - but what is love without service? What is love without God? God is love.
I know these things are true. There are so many blessings all around me, it would take ... a whole other emailing session to mention them all :P
But today I am grateful that God has again reached out in love to his children, and he reaches out to all that read out for Him. And if you haven't found that out for yourself, then I invite you to try! To ask! Ask the missionaries - they can help!

With lots of love from chilly Mt Barker,

Sister Magallanes



It is all about love. (:

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