Monday, December 8, 2014

8 December 2014

Dear friends, 

Recently, because it is Christmas I have been studying the document "The Living Christ" and after I studied it I felt inspired to record some of my own thoughts and feelings about the Saviour which are as follows:

I know that Christ lives. I know that he lived before, long before I was born and that the holy scriptures and prophets bear witness of Him. I know he lives today, He visited the prophet Joseph Smith with His Father and he entreats us to follow Him, to use his atoning blood, to partake of his flesh and blood in remembrance of Him.
I know he is perfect, He is my big brother and my example, my Lord, my redeemer, the Messiah, The Christ.
I know that patterning my life after His teachings is he only true way to happiness. I know that putting Him first in my life allows all other things to fall into place.
I know He loves you all. He wants to save you all. I know this because I have seen a glimpse of the love He has for all of his children and that I have received because I have sincerely sought after it in prayer. I see beautiful people whose lives are changed or that can be changed through the gospel. Change is hard a lot of the time. But I think that is one of the miracles of the Atonement that I will forever be grateful, that change is possible. That you and I can be lifted out of the Telestial worlds we live in and taste an eternal happiness.

Jesus Christ means so much to me. It is such an honour, a sacred privilege to wear His name on my chest, to represent Him.

And I know by the power of the Holy Ghost who reminds me when I doubt, that I am meant to be here. That you are who I am meant to serve. I know what I gave up to be here - I gave up all I had and all I ever wanted, but I've found while I am here that my all is a small price for His all - and I will forever be an unprofitable servant. But that's okay. It is true. As you lose your life for his sake, you find it.
And you can find it too. You also can know Jesus is the Christ and say it with as much surety as I can. The Holy Ghost is constantly whispering these truths to you - are you recognizing them? Can you feel so now?
In the words of apostles and prophets, God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine son.

Because of Him (video)

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and Missionary Preparation Camp where a YSA from Adelaide stayed with us! The testimonies born were so powerful. And during the Christmas fireside, we had a musical number where we had to stand up in our seats, face the audience and sing to them I believe in Christ the third verse and then the audience were invited to sing the fourth verse with us (we couldn't all fit on the stand so a lot of us were just in the normal pews) and as I was at the very back, when we faced each other I was in the very front. And I looked out into the sea of people and I realised that I loved them. I saw a former investigator who broke my heart when we dropped her - we cried as we sang God be with yout ill we meet again - and there she was! I saw other investigators in previous areas I had prayed and fasted so much for. And I saw members, recent converts, rescued members, members who we have served and who served us and I realised ...... I love Adelaide! I love my mission. These people will always have a special place in my heart.

Running out of time so Sorry, maybe photos next week?

Love from the beautiful city of Adelaide and specifically from the chilly suburbs of the Adelaide Hills,

Sister Magallanes

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Sister Ellen Magallanes said...

You made me cry on this entry Sister Magallanes you my darling, mumsy