Friday, December 26, 2014

22 December 2014

Christmas Miracles!

The spiritual highlight of the week would have been being able to observe our investigator at church and to be able to witness her drinking in the gospel. She is a young mother of 5 and usually whenever we visit, it is hard to create a spiritual environment so I can see how she revels in the spirit of the chapel and she is reading the scriptures and asking questions in classes and she is a real person with real issues. Some of the things she's shared are just so way out of my capacity to deal with as a missionary and generally as a person...  and seeing how the gospel is changing her very demeanor is so great!!! can't emphasise enough. she glows! she smiles! she's such a beautiful person, inside and out.
I don't know how long it will take but I definitely know that one day she will be baptised with her family and I look forward to the day. she's been pressured by missionaries in the past, but we know that as she continues to open her heart, she is going to ask to be baptised, she's been taught all the lessons and it is so cool because occassionally she'll just be like - so what was that about tithing? or what aws that about the word of wisdom? and you can see it clicking in her head that she's going to have to make changes to be a member but she is preparing herself for them! she isn't very opent o change, she was raised an Irish catholic, her family just move d from Ireland a few years ago actually and i LOVE their accent! and it also really helped just pointing out to her that that person was a convert and was taught for 3 months, that person was a convert and taught for years and used to swear at missionaries to get off his property and his member wife would be so ... embarrassed ... but look at him now! It's funny because she looked at him and she was like, I could see how he might have done that - but honestly hehehe the members are so great!

Another highlight would have been the power of asking really simple, direct questions. A less active basically wants to talk to us just whenever she fights with her husband but we were able to meet with her yesterday at the chapel and reestablish boundaries and it was so great, and we've tried teaching her before and it was awful, she wouldn't let us in and i had 10 mosquito bites which swelled and i was feeling almost homicidal because I realised I'm allergic to them and she just wont' stop talking sometimes (sorry to display my flaws so flagrantly but i feel it is apt for you to know what a miracle this was) so we had to gear ourselves up to meet with her and wonder we could be using our time more wisely and we honestly attribute her change of heart and openness to the environment of the chapel because she started committing herself to daily prayer and weekly church attendance to bridge the gap between her and God. and we promised her that if she put her relationship with God first, her relationship with her husband would work out - whether she was blessed with more patience to endure it, or blessed with the spirit to tell her how to voice things. and it was amazing! an amazing day all in all yesterday to finish a long week!

And another note:
The lyrics of "I heard the bells on Christmas day" ( #214 ) I think are beautiful. I encourage you to look them up! The third and fourth verse are my favourite. And when you read the lyrics in the context of the story which perhaps I will tell you about another day, or you could just look it up, really make it poignant.

And one last thing!

He who gives money, gives much
He who gives time, gives more
He who gives of himself, gives all.

Let us all reach into our souls and give from where it matters most this Christmas season.

Love you all!

Sister Magallanes 

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