Thursday, October 30, 2014

20 October 2014

 So in the Mount Barker remix for this week, I have learned several things. Right now in our area, our teaching pool is very small so we are focusing very much on finding. Always, always finding. But I am very blessed my companion is a master-finder and she is showing me the way!
Another little highlight for me. Sometimes in lessons, Sister Goisisi quotes what I say and uses it as a parable of sorts for the lesson!!! It is so funny and it also really touches me. For example, last week, driving to Murray Bridge along the 110km/h freeway and eating lunch at the same time (don't try this at home kids) I was congratulating myself on not running over the lines - because the lines are bumpy and shake the car to let you know - and to put it into context, I am still a fairly new driver. And my companion just said, ít's okay companion! everybody drives on the line!' and I replied, ''if we both drove on the line, then we would crash" and she turned it into an analogy of living life on the edge versus truly living the commandments. 
I've also been suffering from hay fever headaches (new predicament) and it flares up excessively whenever it is combined with dogs or cats - of which I have found I am much more allergic to than I used to be before my mission. So that has been a pain (I sneeze very violently it seems) but we persevere! The work goes on! 
I also wanted to share with you all the media campaign happening in Adelaide. So you are supposed to post a picture of yourself on your social media site with the hashtag "'I pray when''and it is very funny because I barely know what hash tags are used for - this is what happens on your mission, you lose touch with technology, my little sister was ending her emails with double hash tag means well known or something ... but we decided to add some of our own :D
I pray when I need to! I pray when I want to talk to God. I pray when I want to ask God for blessings upon those around me. I pray when I am lonely, when I am happy, when I am sad. I pray when I am homesick. I pray when people are unkind to us. I pray when my companion talks in a lesson. I pray when I want to know God's will. I pray when I want to know the truth.
I love to pray! So, feel free to join in on this media campaign. I think it is very cute. :)

I think another highlight of the week would be this young man we met just when we were leaving our flat. He said pretty clearly that he was Atheist but he was willing to listen to our message and unfortunately he doesn't live in our area, but we left him with a copy of the Book of Mormon and he wants to read it! Whenever I think of Atheists I think of Alma's words to Korihor: all things denote there is a God. I know this is true. And I can feel it. In any case, we left him with our number and then just as we were about to leave, we asked him, so what were you doing here on the nature walk (right in front of our flat) anyway? And he wasn't waiting for someone to pick him up, he had just wandered there, right across our path. Truly, my prayer to be led to those seeking us is being answered! Everyday! 
I also wanted to share with you a little excerpt from President Uchtdorf's talk at the General Women's Meeting. It fits with my visual depiction of his concept. He said that some people believe that God has a whole load of blessings locked up in a cloud, and that he only unlocks it when we keep his commandments. This is not true. In fact, God pours blessings upon us constantly, in fact, he rains it upon us! But when we sin or are prideful or doubt, it acts like an umbrella, preventing us from receiving all of God's blessings. So let's all put whatever makes up our individual umbrellas down, and experience God's blessings as he wants us to. :)  
Have a great week! Don't forget to pray! Love, Sister Magallanes

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