Tuesday, May 27, 2014

26 May 2014

I already recall spending another blog entry on this topic but this is close to my heart because it speaks to me. I suppose attending a selective school full of bright people and witnessing how some people get it so easily whilst others work so hard and some (like me and my friend maths!) struggle on and on and watching people's progression as we oscillate between different ends of the 'hard working' spectrum is what makes the topic of diligence one I think I at the very least still have a lot to learn from.

I found a quote in a study book (thanks Sister Gonzalez!) that I'd love to share.
Stick to your task till it sticks to you
Beginners are many, but enders are few
Honour, power, place and praise
will always come to the one who stays
stick to your task till it sticks to you
bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too
for out of the bend and the sweat and the smile
will come life's victories after a while.
I am so grateful that God gives us the opportunity each day to repent. This may sound odd, or strong, but when one starts to connect the dots between the concept of repentance and the concept of change and then one starts to see that actually, they are one and the same dot then it might make more sense! Each day I make mistakes, each day I know there are things that I could have done or should have done. But each day as I ask my Heavenly Father whether the day's work has been acceptable unto Him (for time on the mission is not mine, but time I have dedicated to the Lord. Each day I try to live up to the wide expanse of my promise) then I feel reassured even through the mistakes because I know that I am trying. And recently, I have been blessed with the opportunity to witness the results of this change! My companion and I teach with so much more unity than we did at the beginning of the transfer, there is trust and love and Zion! Our members are so eager to participate in the work of salvation and our investigators drink up the gospel, thirsty as they are for the living water of Jesus Christ.

How great is our calling!

Sister Magallanes

Monday, May 12, 2014

7 May 2014


The work here down under is still going on! It's still great! In the past week or two we have had quite a few adventures here in
Modbury. And it would definitely include the trial/miracle of the bikes. 

So on your mission, we get mission vehicles and we have a certain amount of kilometres allotted to us and so we must plan efficiently so that we do not go over. But due to extenuating circumstances, some of our km's were taken away from us and my companion - Sister Dardon and I were left with 70km to drive in a week. To you, that might just sound like numbers and it honestly sounded like numbers to me too before my mission! And hence begins the trial/miracle of the bikes.

Trials include biking through rain, in very hilly areas, well past sundown, flat tyres, punctured tyres, using so much time biking (that makes me sad. I really do still love economics and the idea of efficiency. People say chocolate makes the world go around. I'm starting to suspect that actually it's efficiency.) when we could be teaching or tracting or proselyting but instead we are biking 45 minutes to someone's house, singing a hymn, following up a commitment and praying with them and then rushing back in the opposite direction to get to a meeting on time. 

But, there are miracles too! So this was when my companion's bike tyre was punctured but we thought it was just flat so we were walking to the nearest petrol station to pump it up again and then after we do that we start to bike and then we come across people and it's about 7:30 at night so quite dark by now so we are excited to see people at all so we stop and say hello and ask for directions and the man laughs when he hears where we are headed and tells us we are going the wrong way and says good luck (or the Australian version of good luck for those acquainted with the generous language of Australians sometimes) but the woman, she grabs my companions face and stares into her eyes and says 'your eyes remind me of my son.' And then she starts crying because her son died two weeks ago and she had been praying for a sign from God and here we are, with a tyre that we learn is now punctured, going the complete opposite direction from what we intended, 7:30pm at night. 

So honestly all in all? It's worth it! I am grateful for the car, but even when things are awry and look impossible, the Lord knows what is best. He provides a way. He is well aware of us and our humble little circumstances. I have a testimony of that! 

But the time is far spent. I attached a picture of my companion and I's new scarves from our friend who is investigating the church and preparing for baptism. She helped us fix our bike and she was concerned about us being seen because as the weather gets colder we wear a lot of dark colours so she got us traffic coloured scarves to wear! We are so blessed. She is so great. Hopefully I'll get to tell you more about her later!

With love,

Sister Magallanes