Saturday, April 12, 2014

Monday 7 April 2014


I'm not sure what to share this week.

Things fly by my head.

Just reading over my journal entries this past week has been amazing!

I am so blessed to be here on my mission.

My optimism is never-failing.

And why should it fail?

I know why I am here.

I know that this is my calling and I just feel so ... blessed.

Words fall short. 

But I do have something to share with Nivvi - if you read this!  I hope you do because I want to tell you something and I have no other way of doing so. We are teaching this Indian family about the Book of Mormon and the girl is 12 and her brother is 10 and the girl reminds me of everything I love about you! Her smile is so huge - if we studied law (or anything) together I know we'd also have a blast. And I can't explain it but when I teach her I just feel this instant kind of love for her and her family. I get so excited. So, I hope you're doing well Nivvi!


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