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Monday March 3 2014

Monday March 3 2014

How can your actions answer someone's prayer? Whether that someone is someone like little old me, or a deceased ancestor or a heartbroken mother or wife or child .... how can your actions answer someone's prayer? Many are looking for the truth but know not where to find it. Angels are preparing the hearts of the children of men. Who are these angels? And then you look at my blog title. Yes, missionaries can be angels in that sense. But angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. When you speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, and you invite someone to do something, then you can be that angel too!

This past week (or the past few weeks I haven't updated my blog....) I have really realised something. I have realised that I have given my heart to the people here in Adelaide. I cry when I hear what they've gone through. And I cry again when I see that throughout all of their hard times, they have relied on the strength of the Lord to see them through. I cry when things fall through, when people don't progress. But you know what? This is totally different that at home, because at home you cry for your own problems (right? don't lie, you probably know what I mean) but here, like what are my problems? My problems are all about other people. My problems are their problems. The biggest problem is that sometimes I wish I was more equipped to help them. Like if I had that law degree I could represent them myself in court (shush don't worry about how emotional I am I will tackle that professional problem when I get there). Or at the very least I could babysit (can't do as a missionary) or give money or tutor their kids (can't do as a missionary!) But then I realised that the most powerful I can have is with the resources I have right now, as a missionary. I love it so much.

I just want everyone to see this vision I can see. It's really beautiful. It's happiness beyond comprehension. It's living your life in alignment with God's will.

I love you all, so much!
Sister Magallanes

PS Margaret congratulations on your calling!!!!!!! Oh Sister Amituana'i (I feel like I spelt that wrong... I am sorry) you are going to have so much fun. I'm so excited for you. I've met some Korean people here in Adelaide. Serving in Australia is kind of not limiting yourself to any one ethnicity. I've had Iranian food, Sri Lankan food, French food, Nepalese food.... and culture! Not just food. That's pretty cool too :D

PPS if anyone would be interested to know, I have discovered something about me that I didn't know was a part of me. I really love to feed people. It's different than loving to cook. I don't like to cook for myself. But in terms of other people? Being fed my food? It just fills my soul with delight. I'd love to just make everyone fat on my cooking - which isn't that terrific whatever my unfussy companions say! I think what makes it taste good to them is the secret ingredient I put in. (secret ingredient is love. Hehe.) Also maybe it's a little bit Filipino to want to do that, hey? I'm expanding my cooking repertoire! But I do miss Filipino food. Why didn't I pay more attention to my parents? Eliza, any food that you feel like you'll miss, learn to cook it quicksmart. And if it cannot be cooked within half an hour, forget about it. (Basically if you can't finish cooking it by the time the rice or pasta is done cooking). Feeding my companion is so much fun :D and I'm also starting to cook for the poor biking elders! biking elders meaning they have no car. So soon I will basically aim to feed the whole world. It'll be great.

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