Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13 2014

Hey I'm noticing a trend. This week will be a photo week! 

I just got transferred and I have a new companion - her name is Sister Green and she is awesome!!!

Also Tita Tasmin my companion was SUPER EXCITED. I think she just about died from happiness. Also my district appreciated it too. Because here in the ZAAM, we share :)

... And some Pday pictures. Had a day out with the sisters! And then went as a district to Cleland National Park. My American companion was so excited, pictures speak a thousand words so hopefully it can convey her excitement better than I can.

The work is going well! Leaving Marion behind I wouldn't say was hard but I know that ... It really feels like I left a piece of my heart behind me. Goodbyes are never too sad because I do feel like I will see these people again. And for now the imprint they have left of me is enough. This is how I feel about my previous companions too. My heart lags behind my body but I am trying my best to remedy this! I am so excited to fall in love with my new area and to work so hard and to increase my faith and to be a part of many mighty miracles! How great is my calling to be a missionary! I love it so much.

Made some prayer rocks with some of my favourite people.

My ex Zone Leader got a new investigator!

Also had my first biking day! biking with a skirt is a little bit of an adventure... and honestly something I never considered before. but it was great. I met some really great people just on the bike!

Please know that I know I am in the right place. Times aren't always picture perfect but there is nowhere else I would rather be than in the service of the Lord.

Love to all! :)

Sister Magallanes

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