Saturday, February 8, 2014

I learnt something that really touched me the other week. I think that I had spent my whole life up until my mission really kind of relying on my own talents to get me by in life. This is what came naturally, this is what everyone else around me did growing up. But on my mission I have learnt that no matter how talented anyone may be, no matter what array or special skillset you have been blessed with in life, on your mission, it will not be enough. Whatever arbitrary number I was, I was nothing compared to the infinite Spirit. But again, no matter what arbitrary number I am, together with the infinite Spirit, we will be infinite. And I love that. Perhaps I didn't explain that too well but I hope you can see past the awkwardness of my expression (and give me a break, I have an hour and a half to write my long happy letter to my mission president, and then to write to my family and then to write to my blog so I am trying!!!!) and into the message behind that. And I know that wherever you are in life, if you rely on God then you really can achieve things that seem impossible.
Meet my new companion! Sister Moss.
Now, a photo run. Meet my new companion! Sister Moss. Shannel, her hair is as curly as yours! She's so awesome. She's from Utah and she's told me all about her family and they sound so awesome and I let her read the plane letter Ella wrote to me (she basically told me very wise things like 'lock your heart' and 'if you didn't look pretty when you were upset at home you're not going to look pretty on your mission field' and she's 9 years old and where did she get all this wisdom? Sister 'Atu was the youngest child. I feel like she'd get along really well with Ella).
Then it is my district. Or my old district, but I love them heaps! This is also the chapel in Marion. And Sister Atu and I on a Pday where we got so totally spoiled by a member and she is the bomb. She's from France! Sister 'Atu is so loved last week everybody showered love upon her and I kind of just went along for the ride. Young came too!!!! But I didn't take a photo of all of us :( We went to the Botanical Gardens in the city! Sister 'Atu was like - is this really Australia why is it so green? And I just laughed and laughed.
There's a great talk (why does nobody sends me talks? Don't worry about Nutella, there's a huge tub that my companion doesn't eat - hehe - but I love to be nourished by the good word of God in my spare time!) about unity and companionship and love that I adored. I'll share my insights another time!
I hope all is well and you all had a lovely Australia Day and I suspect my accent is going to get 15x more American because Sister Moss hasn't gained the Australian accent yet and of course, I am no help....
But I'd love to just leave you with my testimony. I know that there is nothing else in the world that I would be rather be doing than serving a mission, right where I have been called to serve in the 40 degree plus weather of Adelaide. I know Jesus Christ lives. I love the Book of Mormon. And I am so grateful for everything I have been blessed with :)
And I am out of time!!!
Love you all!
Sister Magallanes

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