Friday, February 21, 2014

February 17
What to say, what to say?
This is a picture of my American companion (who is the boss) (if you didn't know already) who loves LOVES Tim Tams. Like to be fair, the only Tim Tams from that packet I ate were three bites to check whether there was any caramel in them (there wasn't). I've committed to provide her with a lifelong supply when she goes home.

How is the work doing?
The work is going great! I love missionary work! I love being a missionary. A lot of little things I find quite funny in retrospect such as the fact that saying "we love you" at the end of sentences comes totally naturally to me now and that's because of the loving environment of ZAAM. The Zion Australia Adelaide Mission. 
We want to be united! One heart and one mind, you know? We want to be ZAAM-ed!
Time is running out. A picture speaks a thousand words is my defence.

I love you all, and I love the work!

PS Anneliese - got your email! I will reply next week :) I was glad to read your last two PS's. Anna-lee you are the bomb, okay? Sending you love from Adelaide!

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