Tuesday, January 7, 2014

All is well in Adelaide! I have been so blessed because of amazing people, amazing ward members, my amazing companion! I kind of want to give more details next week because next week perhaps a very exciting event is happening! So I think this week I just want to let everybody know that all is well and I want to share my testimony.

To be a missionary, like the white handbook is the beginning of rules. You don't just change your behaviour, you change your very nature. It's kind of a rough process, this purifying business and perhaps many tears are shed along the way. But a missionary who serves with all of her heart, might, mind and strength will be able to stand blameless before God at the last day. And this is my ultimate aim.

I love my mission! I am so happy. I don't remember being so happy in a while. I know that true joy comes in forgetting yourself, in watching and witnessing the light of Christ shine so brightly from others, in being a worthy vessel of the Lord so that miracles can be achieved.

Hope everyone had a lovely new year :) 

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