Monday, December 23, 2013

So, my first area is in Adelaide and it's in Marion. My companion's name is Sister Atu and because she is my first companion, she's also my trainer, also my mission mum (secondary maybe to President's wife who is also my mum. I have so much family here...) She is from Tonga and I love her so much! She's so funny in so many ways. Like two days ago I think I made chicken schnitzel (which is pretty easy, right?) but she l-o-v-e-d it, she's so excited at the prospect of me being able to cook (and my cooking talents are by no means large or extensive). She said with her and her last companion, they eat KFC, they LOVE KFC, and then they also eat noodles all the time - which I think is really funny.

In Marion, Sister Atu opened the area 7 months ago and we have a lot of investigators and we also spend some time finding but most of our time is spent driving to and fro appointments and in our appointment, Sister Atu is teaching me something that like I heard about in theory but that I didn't get much of a chance to practice in the MTC. She is leading by example and showing me what it means to love the people. It means even when you go over and all they do is offload all of their problems onto like you're some kind of therapist and they strongarm the conversation and don't allow you to talk, you love them. It means that you don't even get to teach (and I really love to teach, even before I went on my mission with my part-time jobs). It means even when their dog barks every few minutes and climbs all over you, leaving long hair, you love them. It means when their house reeks of cigarette smoke and they tell you that they pray every other night and don't really feel like they feel anything, you love them. That last one especially broke my heart. I have a really strong testimony of prayer and how it can be used to communicate with God and to grow your relationship with him. I do so much praying out here on my mission and I never doubt that the Lord hears my prayers and I gain a lot of comfort from it. My sister companion is teaching me a lot about charity. 

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